Our Parish

Ogonnelloe parish contains both the medieval parish as well as portion of north-eastern Killaloe, which was transferred to it early in the nineteenth century. As part of the boundary agreement made between both parishes at the time, the parish priest of Ogonnelloe was henceforth to pay the parish priest of Killaloe three pounds each Christmas and Easter, and give him half the wedding offerings when women of these townlands were married, a practice that lasted into the early twentieth century.

St. Molua’s, O’Gonnelloe, Co. Clare

Thursday 10.00am
Exposition of Blessed Sacrament: Thursdays in St Molua’s
Sunday morning Mass (as from 1st January 2023) 11am
Holy Days/First Friday 10am
For month of July 2023 - Sunday Mass in St Molua's 11am

Church of St. Mary’s, Ballylaghnane

Tuesday 10.00am
Saturday Vigil Mass (as from 7th January 2023) 8:00pm
For July 2023 there are no Saturday Vigil Masses
For August 2023 - Sunday Mass in St Marys 11am