The battle is between being rich in the sight of the world and being rich in the sight of God. The opposites of these obstacles are simplicity, integrity, and humility. Humility is pride in who we are – children of God, brothers and    sisters to each other, and accepting ourselves just as we are. We need nothing outside of ourselves to make us feel good about ourselves. This too is simplicity. What we have is a gift, given to us for the good of the world, the     community, the neighbourhood, not just for the good of the self. And in the end, what matters is that we are judged on love not on wealth. Or if we have had wealth, we will be judged on what we did with it. It can lead us away from God very easily. Do we live like him? Be rich in God – in mercy, love, forgiveness and justice.

Lord, may your kingdom of justice and peace come on earth.