A Reflection on the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World (Art. 16)

Deep within each of us
there is a voice which calls us to do what is loving
and to avoid what is evil.
This voice directs us according to a law
which we have not made up ourselves,
a law which seems to come from
somewhere beyond us all.
Nevertheless, this eternal, divine law
is one which we must obey
if we are to be happy, holy people.
For this law is written into our very hearts
by God!
We will ultimately be judged and known
by how we respond to what we hear
in the depths of our consciences.
There we stand alone with God,
for who can know God’s heart?
And who but we can know how God directs our lives?
But this we do know:
whatever God directs us to
will be loving and holy
as the Church teaches us.
It will be never be violent, hateful, or ugly.
for God is love,
and we are to live as God’s children
which is to live in the light of God’s love.
(Bill Huebsch)