Easter Reflection

How often when weary do we sigh
‘the spirit is willing but the body is weak’?
How often in prayer are thoughts distracted
by sounds or circumstance,
or prayers diverted by trivial concerns?
Baggage carried with us rather than left at your feet.
How often do we find ourselves apologising to you,
for our abbreviated prayer life?
And yet you draw us still to be in your presence,
as you did the disciples at Gethsemane.
You want us to share in your life,
to play our part.
You told your disciples to watch and pray
so that they might not fall into temptation.
Do you ask the same of us and do we
also fail you each time we whisper
‘the spirit is willing but the body is weak’?
Grant us the strength, Lord,
of body and of spirit, to offer you
the sacrifice of our lives.