Giving Thanks (Donal Neary SJ)

When you say thanks, you grow a little;
Thanks is like food for the heart and soul.
We’re thankful for a compliment
for help with study,
for advice with a problem,
for good conversation:
when we’re grateful,
we know we depend on others
for most of the good things of life,
and we can’t go it alone.

Think for a moment of something you’re thankful for;
or someone you feel gratitude towards;
allow yourself feel the thanks in your heart …

Doesn’t it make you feel good?
You feel a bit humble,
joyful, excited, and you feel you’re in one piece.

And thanks to God.
Think of your thanks to God:
maybe your faith, your health,
and above all yourself.

Be grateful for this moment
for who you are ,
for the friendships in life,
and for the faith you have in God.